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Freizeitmöglichkeiten in der Umgebung

up to 3 km distance

  • Golfpark Böhmerwald (The homepage you find here.) 
  • Skiing region "Hochficht" (The homepage you find here.)
  • Indoor swimming pool with sauna
  • Inlineskating-course
  • Biketours/Mountainbiking
  • Lake for bathing
  • Lake for Windsurfing
  • Wainwright-museum
  • Fishing (river and lake)
  • Tenniscourts
  • Curling
  • Skating
  • Cross-country ski-tracks
  • Hiking trails (summer and winter)
  • memorial of  the poet of the Bohemian Forest "Adalbert Stifter"
  • trips with local horses carriage

up to 10 km distance

  • Monastery "Schlägl" (The Homepage you find here.)
  • Cross country skiing center "Schöneben" 
  • Nordic Walking-Center (The homepage you find here.)
  • Monastery "Schlägl" (The Homepage you find here.
  • "Rosenberger Gut" (G) in the past the residence for summer of the poet "Adalbert Stifter"
  • Ski-jump center "Rastbüchl" (G)
  • Cross country skiing center "Jägerbild" (G)
  • Panoramic towers "Vlatava-View" and "Alps-View"
  • Museum for art in glas
  • Sculpture park "Schwarzenberg"

up to 80 km distance

  • Historic city of "Passau" (G)
  • lovely valley of the River Danube
  • Capitol of Upper Austria "Linz"
  • City of "Wels"
  • The large reservoir of "Lipno" (CZ)
  • Historic city of "Krumau" (CZ)
  • Nationalpark "Bavarian Forest" (G)